Collegiate Instructor

The demands of the contemporary percussion program are ever expanding. More and more we are seeing compositions call for the use of “African Percussion” and more specifically, djembe. As educators, we must acknowledge and attain culturally honest information about the music we teach, perform, and produce, in order to put forth an authentic presentation. Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy has developed a way to help the progressive collegiate instructor fortify their program with the tools necessary to achieve this authenticity.

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Qualified To

Incorporate djembe with Mandingue culture as part of contemporary percussion programs for progressive collegiate instructors.

To Become One

  • Sit for Collegiate Instructors Certification tests with Mamady Keïta or a TTMDA Senior Certified Teacher
  • Create and submit a video (c. 5 minutes) of a pyramid arrangement (suite of rhythms with transitions) of at least 3 traditional rhythms

Collegiate Instructor Test Requirements

  • Level 1 USD70
    • Moribayassa
    • Garange Don (w/ Trad solo)
    • Kakilambe
  • Level 2 USD70
    • Kuku (w/ Trad. solo)
    • Sorsornet
    • Soli Rapide (w/ Trad. solo)
  • Level 3 USD90
    • Denadon
    • Mendiani (w/ Trad. Solo)
    • Tiriba
  • Level 4 USD110
    • Yankadi (w/ Trad. Solo)
    • Makru (w/ break and call from Yankadi)
    • Lamban
    • Soko (w/ Trad. Solo)
  • Level 5 * USD110
    • Dunungbe
    • Konowulen 1
    • Bolokonondo
    • Takosaba
    • * All dununba rhythms must demonstrate Sangban chauff and call; djembe chauff and blockage
  • Level 6 USD110
    • Zaouli 1-4
  • Level 7 USD130
    • Kedju
    • Lanaya
    • Matoto
    • Kudani (w/ unison figure)
  • Final Test USD150
    • Demonstrate soloing utilizing traditional solos for:
    • Yankadi
    • Soko
    • Kuku
    • Mendiani


  • Organize guest artist – Mamady Keïta or TTMDA Senior Certified Teacher every other year or two
  • Attend one multi-week workshop with Mamady Keïta at least once every three years
  • Annual membership in TTMDA community