Foundational Solo Technique

This module serves as the entry level to djembe soloing. Emphasis will be on common 2-beat (pulse) phrases and 4-beat (pulse) phrases for both binary and ternary rhythms.


Knowledge and Technique Perform Improvisation and Arrangement Leadership and Mentorship Teach

What you will learn

    • Solo Level 3
      Solo Level 3:
        Present 3 solo pieces: 2 pieces by memory at given tempo. 1 piece by memory with live Dunun.
      , Level 4
      Solo Level 4:
        Present 4 solo pieces: 2 pieces by memory at given tempo. 2 pieces by memory with live Dunun.

What you get

  • Interact with TTMDA teacher
  • Lifetime access to web videos
  • Online assignments
  • Video and audio demos in-app
  • Learn at your own pace anywhere in the world


Possess basic djembe drumming skills.
Recommendation: Completed Solo Technique Module 1 and Rhythm Knowledge Module 1.

Start Learning

Lesson Plan

  • Lesson1

    Familiarising with 2-pulse Binary Phrases: Practice 3A of solo curriculum book

  • Lesson2

    Familiarising with 4-pulse Binary Phrases: Practice 3B of solo curriculum book

  • Lesson3

    Solo Phrases for Soli Lent: Practice 3C of solo curriculum book

  • Lesson4

    Solo Phrases for Moribayassa: Practice 3D of solo curriculum book

  • Lesson5

    Solo Phrases for FE 1: Practice 3E of solo curriculum book

  • Lesson6

    Familiarising with Ternary 1 Phrases: Practice 4A of solo curriculum book

  • Lesson7

    Familiarising with Ternary 2 Phrases: Practice 4B of solo curriculum book

  • Lesson8

    Solo Phrases for Marakadon: Practice 4C of solo curriculum book

  • Lesson9

    Solo Phrases for Sorsornet: Practice 4D of solo curriculum book

  • Lesson10

    Solo Phrases for Makru: Practice 4E of solo curriculum book

How it works

  • Teacher assigned

    A TTMDA teacher will be assigned to you, who will be guiding you throughout the learning process.

  • Virtual classroom

    A classroom code will be set up and sent to you before class begins. Get the app and join the virtual classroom to begin interactive learning with other students.

  • Online assignments

    Video and audio demonstrations will be provided via the learning app, together with online assignments (text and video-based) and quizzes.

  • Module achieved

    Complete all the above at quality levels and achievement unlocked!

Earn your certificate

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