Mamady Keïta Rhythms Online Workshop

Fundraising for the medical centre Mamady built for his village



Mamady’s greatest wish in his lifetime was for the rhythms he created to be taught to as many people as possible.

Besides MK Rhythms module courses, we’d also like to have a workshop every year where we share Mamady’s creations with the rest of the world.

And we believe the best time to do that is on the anniversary of his transition.

Medical Centre

We also wish to honour Mamady’s legacy by making this workshop a fundraising event to support the medical centre that he built for his village Balandougou, which is situated beside his burial ground.

100% of the fees from this online workshop will be contributed to this fund.

This fund is managed by Mamady’s eldest – Abdoulaye Keïta – who oversees the continuation of the medical centre in the village, as well as the upkeep of the surroundings around Mamady’s burial ground.


  • Rhythm


    His village life
    The wood that Mamady only used for his djembe. Also known as the “devil wood”.

  • Rhythm


    His society views
    This rhythm was created to go along with a song which was sung about orphans in society.

  • Rhythm


    His views on human virtues
    This means “advice” in Malinkè. In life, we should always listen and follow good advice.

  • Rhythm


    His tribute to great djembefolas
    The master djembefola who was 20 years older than Mamady, from Faranah region.

  • Rhythm


    His performance career
    It means “Let’s go” in Malinĸè. The opening rhythm Mamady performed with his group Sewa Kan in the 2004 Couleur Café performance that was celebrated by djembe communities worldwide.

  • Rhythm


    His family
    Mamady’s birth father who was a master hunter. His full name was Toumanin Keïta. Mamady’s 3rd birth child, whom he normally referred to as Muhammed, is named Toumanin as well.

  • Rhythm


    His students
    A student from France who is a very good percussionist. Despite his professional skills, he always behaved as a beginner in Mamady’s workshops. Mamady remembered him as a very sweet and humble student.

Workshop Info

Online learning of pre-recorded videos.

Sign up anytime, available all the time from 21 June 2022 onwards.

100% of workshop fees will go directly to help sustain the medical centre and other humanitarian work started by Mamady in his village.

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How it works

  • Online assignments on Google Drive

    Video and audio demonstrations will be provided via Google Drive, together with online assignments (text and video-based) and quizzes.

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